Tuan & Valentina

It’s incredible that it has been already so long. I look at my wedding pictures often and remind me how grateful I am to you and your company. You excelled and were able to produce the most beautiful wedding. Even better than the vision I had in my head. Oh, and to be able to get our vision out of our heads while in Canada and all the way to Vietnam was also an accomplishment of yours, we know how terrible we are with communication and timing. You indeed were our patient angel and mediator. Thank you so much. I wanted to emphasize on how talented you were, it was definitelynot an easy task, but despite all the complications and barriers (long distance planning, 100 different hands from different cultures and languages trying to help, conflicting customs, last minute changes etc etc) you delivered a very special wedding which although in Vietnam did not feel like a simple destination wedding. I always talk about you and wish all my friends were able to have you made their special days great. You were a star. I now tell my friends to get married in Vietnam and look for you